PemkoHinge® consists of two full-height, paired and geared leaves. Each geared leaf rotates evenly from top to bottom riding on proprietary polymer blended bearings. The geared leaves and bearings are held together by a full-length channel cap. This assembly retains the smooth, clean lines of the door and frame, while easily supporting heavy vertical loads.

PemkoHinge® Attributes

• With a continuous hinge, typical alignment problems (such as door sag and binding) are eliminated
• The continuous hinge distributes load stress uniformly along the full length of the door and frame
• The gear design of the continuous hinge ensures symmetrical operation of each leaf
• 1/2 lb. or less operating force required to operate most doors, regardless of size
• Low operating force feature makes continuous hinges ideal for doors used by the physically challenged
• The continuous hinge, when installed on standard steel doors and frames, requires no additional reinforcement. However, hinge preps must have fillers installed for proper operation
• A high degree of security can be achieved for exterior openings or restricted spaces by using a continuous hinge. With the geared construction and the full-length channel cap, the common gap between the door and frame is sealed, which provides security against prying
• In addition, the continuous full-height hinge cap protects against pinching fingers in doors in public areas, particularly those where children are present
• Sight proof design of the continuous hinge provides privacy for lavatories, executive offices, or file rooms

PemkoHinge® Superior Design

• PemkoHinge® has increased critical stress points of the hinge leaf extrusions providing additional strengths and rigidity to the completed product
• PemkoHinge® bearing design eliminates premature wear, guarantees proper alignment, and requires fewer bearings to carry more weight. The bearing is produced for PEMKO using a chemical composition and injection process that provides a stronger, more accurately formed bearing
• PemkoHinge® is designed with inter-meshing gear segments in the hinge which provide 50% more bearing surface resulting in less wear
• PemkoHinge® goes through the anodizing process after completing all machining. This means the machined aluminum surfaces that are in direct contact with the bearing have a smoother, harder surface, thereby reducing wear
• PemkoHinge® maintains uniform bearing spacing for the full length of the hinge even when lengths exceed 10'
• PemkoHinge® uses #12-24 size fasteners with #10 head. (#12 Tek fasteners available upon request)
• PemkoHinge® commercial models are ideal for use on lead lined doors (i.e. hospital X-ray rooms), without requiring special screw locations