Standard Perimeter Gasketing

  • Rigid jamb weatherstrip shown mounted on openings with 1/16" gaps; however, each weatherstrip can seal gaps up to the depth of its seal. Seal depth provided on each illustration (example: the 303 has a 1/4" seal; therefore, it can seal up to a 1/4" gap)
  • Punched on 6" centers with slotted holes for adjustment
  • Model 303 is available with self-adhesive two-sided tape (TST) and tek screws (3 slotted holes per part) for easy installation. To obtain this option, add “TST” to the end of the part when ordering (example: 303AVTST)
  • We are continually commissioning tests for acoustic assemblies. More profiles may be tested from this category. Please contact Customer Service if the options here don't suit your application.